What clients say...

I approached Kevin after finding him through the Counselling Directory.  I had an initial 30 minute meeting with him, just to see if we could “gel” and I could be totally open with him.

During our first meeting, Kevin described the counselling room at his house as a “Safe Place”. I felt safe in the counselling room, I felt that I could be open and honest with him, even though I sometimes found this hard.
I found Kevin to be an easy person to communicate with, both at this initial meeting and throughout the counselling process, and to be open with.
Before I met Kevin, I didn’t know what to do with my life problems, and I felt desperate.
He was a calming influence on me throughout the counselling process and, whilst I didn’t find the process easy, he guided me through the issues I was having difficulty with, and helped me identify mechanisms to deal with the issues I experienced.  The process was, at times, very emotional and I was encouraged to face certain things I had blocked out, and other issues I had difficulty dealing with.  
My time with Kevin has changed my approach to many aspects of my life, and I am much much happier in myself.  Before I met with him, I did not like myself, or certain aspects of my character and was very unhappy.  I was encouraged to explore these issues (in this safe place) and came to see that I was punishing myself for my self-perceived failings.
He recommended a small number of books, and accompanying CD’s, which I have found invaluable and instructive.  I continue to read the books and listen to the CD’s since completing the counselling.
He also recommended that I explore mindfulness and meditation to help me.  Both of these disciplines have become invaluable to me in calming my mind, accepting myself and my needs, and becoming a much happier person.
I have found Kevin to be Honest, Ethical and Trustworthy and I would thoroughly recommend him as a counsellor.  
I cannot thank him enough for the changes he has helped me make in my life, and for helping me to become a much happier person.

Working with Kevin allowed me the space and time to consider and re-evaluate certain fears and long held beliefs that were, without doubt, holding me back. His support and also challenges of my ideas and self beliefs worked to set me up to take the steps I needed to discover more about myself and come to terms with my discoveries. I now find myself able to research my concerns and self care/sooth far more effectively than before, and to a hold on to fewer of those cares, I”m happier and more comfortable with myself than ever before. The time to end my counselling felt natural and we both agreed we’d reached a good point to move on, the options for the future aftercare were given and greatly appreciated. 

 If you can invest in yourself just do it … it will be money well spent.

Regarding feedback, it was a very enlightening experience. I didn’t know what to expect I have to admit, but once started I never thought it would have such a great effect on me.
Having read the `Monkey` book it slowly made sense.  Re-visiting the past was again enlightening rather than emotional as it helped me to make sense of a lot of situations that had been in the back of my head for a long time and were very dormant.
I think the first time I realised how bad I was feeling was when C…. told me about the piece of work I had written regarding my past years and it was all negative. That really explained that I was in need of something.

The way you slowly allowed me to bring out certain situations that now made sense was very clever and I admit in the beginning I used to tell C…. to remind me to let u speak this week as it always felt like I was doing all the work. How wrong could I be!

I have to say regarding the golf situation, I have scored better this year than I have for the last 5. Not always cured of beating myself up regarding how I play, but definitely better equipped to deal with the `bad luck` situations.

Just returned from Portugal and has a bit of a paddy (golf), but was quickly told off by one of the guys and that brought me back to my senses and I quickly apologised and diffused the situation. This would never have happened in the past.

Regarding family life, I have begun to see all the good that’s there in front of me and to be a lot more understanding, my conflicts with my younger daughter seem to have subsided a lot as well. Maybe I actually instigated them in the first place.
As I said in our meetings, I can talk for England and now it seems I can write for England as well so I will shut up.
Hope this helps what you are after, and just like to says thanks, again, for the help and knowledge you gave.
If I ever need to talk again I will definitely contact and I still recommend you to anyone I think could do with some help.

“I went to see Kevin after a relationship breakup and when some of my key friendships suddenly ended. At the time, these really affected me
and compounded what was low self esteem. I struggled to understand why emotionally I could be extremely  p and down within short periods of time. Why I selected partners that were wrong and why I got so upset when friendships ended.

Kevin provided me with the opportunity to see that the causes of my low self esteem originated in my early life. It made me over dependent on people with a reluctance to let go of relationships that were wrong for me. He recommended a number of techniques and books that really helped me understand my emotions and what I need. Since the period of therapy, I feel more grounded and happier. I make better emotional decisions and no longer feel that I choose partners that do not match what I really need or make me happy.

Kevin provided me with the space to explore my feelings. He was easy to talk to and made me feel at ease.”

well that’s how I saw it… Hope that’s okay 🙂

At first I was worried about counselling but after my first session I felt a lot of happier about the situation because my counsellor Kevin was easy to talk to and made me feel at ease.

I didn’t feel worried, I felt like i could say whatever I wanted too without being judged for saying what I felt or for saying something stupid. I felt he understood me and that he could relate to what I was saying or feeling. It wasn’t just someone telling me what i had to change, he tried to understand even if he didn’t originally understand he would try.The counselling I received really helped me understand why I felt how I did and how to try change that. I always looked forward to my sessions. Kevin was friendly and understanding. It made counselling a lot less daunting; I was comfortable talking about my problems to him. It felt more like i was talking to a friend then a stranger.