Work place Counselling

As an employer you have a duty of care to your employees.  This is a legal requirement, an ethical imperative, and essential to running an efficient and successful organisation or business.  It is estimated 

that almost 14 million work days are lost each year in Britain to work related stress.  Stress is recognised as a major cause of long term sickness in it’s own right, and known to exacerbate the negative impact of most illnesses.

As an employer, you can chose to mitigate the effects of stress and conflict on your people and organisation through workplace counselling.  Work place counselling can also play an integral role in promoting a positive working environment, and improving a team’s ability to work together. 

We also offer together with our sister company MindCoaching.soluitons, workshops that cover, stress managment, work place hapiness and conflict resolution.

The role of workplace Counselling

I can provide personal support to your employees either on a proactive or reactive basis. Our services can be contracted on either a retained or a pay as you require arrangement.  
Counselling & Psychological Therapy to Individuals
Psychological help to address a range of personal and employment issues and mild to moderate mental health matters.
Supporting return to work after ill health (either physiological or psychological).

Employee Assistance Programme
We can provide confidential support and advice as a free service to employees as part of your organisations EAP (a non taxable benefit).
Team Development
Addressing relationships and efficiencies we work with teams to enable them to overcome problems and work effectively. Teams working effectively are productive. Your team are you most valuable asset.
Benefits for the organisation;
Promotes a safe and healthy working environment
Staff turnover and absenteeism reduced
Improved productivity and efficiency
Reduced threat of employee litigation
Protects balance sheet.